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In the world of the Internet, where search rankings are directly linked to traffic and sales, better rankings for particular keywords are essential element of success. We will keep abreast of the ever-changing trends in search algorithms and use the latest SEO to improve ranking for our customers' websites.

Our company has two SEO packages. One is "SEO + Consulting Plan" which includes consulting services that go beyond improvement of search ranking, and the other is "Performance-Based SEO Plan" which doesn't cost you until your website ranks within the top 10

For both plans, the SEO engineer, not the sales representative, will directly communicate with the customer and perform the operation, so we can provide detailed services.

Please take advantage of our SEO services provided by Japanese staff who have deep expertise in Japan's unique Internet environment.


SEO + Consulting Plan

The "SEO + Consulting Plan" is characterized by SEO to improve the search ranking, as well as by consulting to maximize the access from the Internet, in which we engage as a team with our customers. In addition to improving the search ranking, we also pay attention to the purchase rate and inquiry rate in relation to the page views. In some cases, we take a step further and contribute to increasing sales of your company in a variety of ways, such as changing the design of your website, proposing new products and services based on trends in search keywords, etc.

Services included in the SEO + Consulting Plan

The SEO + Consulting Plan includes the following services:

  • External SEO
  • Internal SEO (Site tuning and response improvements, etc.)
  • Site content update service (Up to once a week)
  • Submission of monthly reports based on access analysis
  • Issuance of a user account for a search ranking check tool

Usage fee

The usage fee varies depending on the "type" and "page count" of your website. Please see below.

General website (corporate sites, etc.)

  • Monthly fee starts from 110,000 yen.

*In the case of a corporate website with a blog function, the monthly fee is 30,000 yen.

E-commerce site

  • Initial cost: 200,000 yen
  • Monthly fee: From 200,000 yen. Please request an estimate.

Notes on use

  • All prices above exclude taxes.
  • The minimum contract period is six months. After 6 months, it will be renewed by month.
  • Payment should be made in a lump sum for 6 months. (Payment for e-commerce sites should be made by month.)
  • Payment may be made by bank transfer or credit card (PayPal)
  • We do not guarantee ranking.

Performance-Based SEO Plan

"Performance-Based SEO Plan" is a service that does not incur costs as long as your site does not appear in the top 10 search rankings. It is an SEO measure that can be easily introduced by those who are requesting SEO for the first time or have just started business.

Services included in performance-based SEO

  • External SEO
  • Providing advice sheets on internal SEO
  • Issuance of a user account for a search ranking check tool

Usage fee

The usage fee differs depending on the site or keyword for which the SEO are taken. Please request an estimate from here for the detailed cost.

About the contract

The contract period is six months from the first time you are in the top 10 of Google or Yahoo search results. After 6 months, it will be renewed by month.

Note: If you cancel during the contract period, you will be charged the maximum monthly charge for two months. If your site does not rank within the top 10 within 4 months after the start of SEO, you can cancel the contract without additional charge.

Notes on use:

  • The minimum contract period is six months. After 6 months, it will be renewed by month.
  • Payment can be made by bank transfer or credit card (PayPal).

From requesting a quote to start of SEO .

1. Request for quotation

Please fill in the necessary information on this page and submit it online.

2. Quotatio

We will estimate the usage fee based on the information you submitted. We will send you an estimate by email, so please check it and let us know if you would like to use our service.

3. Executing a contract

We will email you the contract. Please check the contents.

In case of SEO + Consulting Plan

Please transfer the usage fee to the designated bank account or pay by credit card. We will start SEO after we confirm your payment.

In case of Performance-Based SEO Plan

If you would like to use the Performance-Based SEO Plan, we will start the measures after a signed contract is returned.

4. Start of SEO

We will start taking SEO based on the keywords you specified in the contract.

In case of SEO + Consulting Plan

In case of SEO + Consulting Plan, we will also implement internal measures (adjusting keyword ratios, optimizing HTML tags, etc.) from the beginning of the service.

In case of Performance-Based SEO Plan

If you would like to use Performance-Based SEO Plan, we will send you an advice sheet on internal SEO, so please follow the instructions and make adjustments within the site as much as possible.

Payment method, contract period, and other precautions (common to all plans)

  • Payment can be made by "bank transfer" or "credit card (PayPal)"
  • Each plan has a minimum contract period. In case of midterm cancellation, there may be a penalty.
  • You cannot change the target URL or keyword during the contract period.
  • Sites containing content deemed inappropriate by our company are not eligible to use our services.

If you are new to SEO

What are SEO ?

SEO are to make your website displayed at the top of search results when searched on such sites as Google and Yahoo. Specifically, it is divided into "internal SEO" and "external SEO", and by taking each appropriately, the ranking will be improved

Internal SEO

Internal SEO include appropriate markup of the HTML of your website, adjustment of the appearance rate of keywords whose search rank you want to improve, adjustment of related words (thesaurus), and improvement of internal links.
Internal SEO is not only for Google, Yahoo, and other search engines, but also to help site visitors navigate without stress.

External SEO

External SEO include acquisition of links from external sites to the site for which you want to improve search ranking. If the content on the site is useful for Internet users, it may be linked from blogs, external sites, or social media. These measures to increase natural links are called external SEO or link building.

Frequently Asked SEO Questions

Q: Do you provide the service to any particular geographical area?

Of course the service is available to customers from all over the world.

Q: How long does it take for the ranking to improve?

It depends on the difficulty of the keyword, the potential of the website, and the existence of competitors, but generally it takes about 3 months.

Q: Our site is a single page website. Can it still rank higher?

It depends. If the site contains a lot of useful and unique information, you can increase the search ranking even if it is a single-page website.

Q: I would like to have our site checked before officially signing up for the service.

We offer a free SEO measure (free diagnosis), so please fill in the required information here and submit it online. We will send you information on the current status of your site and advice about improving the rankings.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.

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